Monday, 30 January 2012

William of Crail

As referred to in an earlier post, my data on the William RUNCIMAN of Crail line (part of Lineage 1b) has been checked off and uploaded to WeRelate, where it has been merged with Allan's previously loaded tree sourced from, amongst others, Jen & Diane's 2000 publication, Scotland and Beyond.
As WeRelate is a public Genealogy Wiki, should you have any additions to the data posted there, simply log in and update it, the original submitter(s) will be notified of your changes.
The matching/merging process of my submitted gedcom with existing data was readily achieved, albeit that places and dates aren't treated separately, so often a duplicated date was added in order to get a place and/or source data attached.  Easily sorted.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Monday, 23 January 2012

Married or not?

Can anyone help decipher the marital status on this census entry? (1861 Appleton Wiske, Yorkshire, family of Sarah FAIRBAIRN nee MOORE)
(Mar or Unm) under order of P??ia
It may, or may not help to know that the husband seems to have deserted the family and returned to Scotland  (from Yorkshire) to live with another woman as man and wife, no marriage to be found.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Revisting the past

There's nothing like revisiting past research to make you realise how much more information is so much more readily available online theses days.
This comment arises from my additions to WeRelate. In this case my direct paternal and maternal ancestral lines (no collaterals, they'll come later when I get round to loading all the rellise with their particular surname).
So far I've not found anyone on WeRelate researching any of my direct ancestors unfortunately, but no doubt in time someone will pop out of the woodwork. Perhaps they'll miraculously come up with my Archibald HENDERSON's ancestors - I live in hope!

Monday, 16 January 2012

What's in a name?

Climbing The Spiral Staircase: Learning Genealogy may be of interest.
I particularly liked the Maidenform - Medenfort - Madenford example, having recently tried (successfully) to verify a birth of a Jane(t) PRITCHARD.
'tis often a pity we have to pick one name as the primary name for display.
I think I prefer her baptismal name of PREACHER.
So far I've found her baptized as PREACHER (1827), and a census entry (1861) showing a daughter with the name Agnes Preacher RUNCIMAN, but her marriage (1847) and death (1904) certs, either side  both show her as PRITCHARD, which is, I assume, what the name morphed to over time.

Carried along

Read an interesting parish burial entry today - 1818 Edinburgh St Cuthberts.
Past Edinburgh parish burial records have often been very informative with ages, occupations, causes of death, addresses etc, so when I tried interpreting an unlabelled column as a cause of death, my first guess was "strokes", but it did look rather more like "spokes" - which sounded rather painful !
Looking at the other entries on the page however I've deduced that they were recording how the dear departed was carried to their final resting place: "Arms", Shoulders", "hearse", "Coach" and "half spokes" being the other entries.
Expensive business this dying lark.
Robert FAIRBAIRN of St Leonard Street looked like his estate paid 5/3d for mortcloth, 2/4d for poor, 9d for "keepers", 1/- recorder, 1/- for grave digger and 1/3d for beadles.
The estate got off comparatively lightly with the one recorded has having the hearse (Lucy WALKER, relict of WALKER, writer) paying £1/-/6d for mortcloth, 5/- for turf, 4/8 for poor, £1/1/- for "Warrants", 1/6d for keepers, , 5/- for recorder, 1/- for grave digger, 1/3d for beadles (11/7d compared to £2/19/11d if I can still add in LSD)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Robert & Jane (WIGHT) SINTON

An email from Morley asking if I could quantify the rumoured connection between the families of Elizabeth MABON, whose son John married Jane ELLIOT, and the SINTONs, Jane ELLIOT's sister Betsy having married William son of Robert & Jane (WIGHT) SINTON.
This SINTON family had children baptized in Ancrum, ROX before emigrating to Beauharnois County, Quebec around 1831.
It had been rather a long time since I last looked at this SINTON family, well before easier access to census data online.
Haven't answered his question, but have updated my knowledge of the family, and realised that they weren't included on my SINTONs page - now remedied,with more updates on the chart included yet to come.
Should any SINTON descendants read this, please pop along to the SINTON Surname DNA project to join it and see if there's any connection to my SINTONs!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Contact from a couple of distant rellies has resulted in a few updates.
The family of Nathanial DAWE now has a few more twigs pinned down, particular the family of some of the HOPPER branch.
So the DAWE descendant chart has been updated.

Also an interesting set of conversations with Peter SINCLAIR starting from his post in my Guestbook has resulted in Donald SINCLAIR being "found" after 1871  - married Annie DALGLEISH in Edinburgh (1885), then moved to London, appearing there in 1891 but not to be found after that.
By 1901 Annie and children are living with a James MACKIE (as wife and step-children) without a marriage to be found (as yet).
By 1911 Annie is a widow and the children are shown as MACKIE, but that obviously didn't last as subsequent records has them as SINCLAIR again.
The wonderful Army Pension records furnished a heap of interesting details.
So the GRAY chart has also been updated.
Something cosmetic must have changed for Donald GRAY as part of this activity, so his recent changes entry for 6 Jan can be ignored.

Currently working through checking off some RUNCIMAN data prior to publication on WeRelate, so William of Crail's chart on my RUNCIMAN page has also been updated, (but there's a much fuller tree available on WeRelate, which my data, and sources, will be added to/combined with).

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

3 months of updates

Quite an impressively long list of recent changes - but don't be fooled.
Many are minor changes to citations, or the last edit date changed because a scanned certificate has been added (which wont be visible on the family tree pages, but may be if included on the Originals subsite - not yet updated).
Another reason for inclusion in the recent change index is the addition of links to a hopefully relevant dna page for those belonging to dna tested lines (some of which links may still not yet work).
At least two new people now have pages, probably others:
Grace MEIKLE nee ROBERTSON, mentioned recently
Elizabeth HAMLEY nee ROWE, although the impetus for her publication eludes me at the moment.

Now that more of the FAIRBAIRN trees are included on the One Name Study pages, the FAIRBAIRN page has been cut back to only include trees for the more closely related FAIRBAIRNs.

Many updates probably don't feature in the recent changes index but only in the updated descendancy charts.