Thursday, 10 August 2017

LivingDNA results are in

The first set of DNA ethnicity results I could get interested in!
It could of course be a case of confirmation bias, but I like this a lot.
It will be even better when (if?) it gives me links to the matches in the areas concerned :)

Click on this link to explore what Living DNA tells me about my ethnicity

"Your family ancestry map shows the areas of the world where you share genetic ancestry in recent times (10 generations). The map is interactive allowing you to explore each area of your ancestry. "

Highlights (not interactive) from the "Cautious", and "Standard" views below

 where several regions overlap in categories - which could explain why on Ancestry my distinctly paternal Scottish ancestral cousins also show up in my South Western England Genetic Community.
Northumberland Related Ancestry
Northumberland Related Ancestry

Orkneys Related Ancestry
Orkneys Related Ancestry

South-England related ancestry
South-England related ancestry

Some reading on ethnicity/admixture results:

Monday, 7 August 2017

Chasing rabbits

I finished a "DNA finds" session at our local Genie group the other week with this image:

and, as always, ignored my own advice.
I should be methodically finishing off analysing, and publishing, what we've learnt from newly in  known-family tests on each of my Andrews, Rowe, and Dawe * lines.
* including finally, after 10 years, confirming the yDNA signature for the line of Isaac DAWE of Lamerton, Devon.

Instead I was having a look at the posts in the FaceBook group Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques and couldn't resist trying out one on how to visualise your Ancestry match lists (this link to my DNASurnames blog where I post general DNA type posts as opposed to those more related to my own genealogy work).
I ended up with a filtered set of groups that actually do interact - or have a match of particular interest in them:

My Henderson/Millar brickwall will some year find an answer amongst the dark blue group on the left.
My Jane Gibson brickwall amongst those in the light blue cluster top right.
That on the bottom right reminded me I'd not finished chasing the rabbit that led to a small cluster of more extended Fairbairn family matches ....