Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wick to Edinburgh

Contact from a descendant of Jemima CRAIG & Samuel McKAIL led to a short burst of activity on the McADIE line this family belongs to.
Found marriages for two of Jemima's siblings: George to Helen HARVEY; and John to Margaret MOWAT.
A witness to the latter's marriage was a James McADIE who had to be related somehow (given Jemima is a McADIE descendant), and was living with them in Edinburgh in the 1901 census, a printer-compositor born Wick.
Looks like I've found James Bremner son of George McADIE & Elizabeth Sandison BREMNER, whom I'd "lost" after the 1881 census, especially as his brother Robert shows up as a compositor in one census.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fewer DAWEs

Well, fewer DAWE trees on my DAWE page anyway.
Some of the Buckland Monachorum DAWEs were kind enough to leave wills that have survived.
One is that of Betty DAWE nee SCOBEL, widow of William DAWE of Dunwood, Tamerton Foliott, to whom I had assigned the William married to Joanna ATWILL, at least until I received my copy of said will and found that by 1843 Betty was referring to her son William as "late", but kindly left his widow Hannah a bequest.
The latter hint brought the family of William & Joanna/Hannah (HUNT) DAWE in from the cold, but shifted the William married to Joanna ATWILL to the family of William & Elizabeth (WILLOCKS) DAWE instead - the Williams had both been baptized in Meavy, a few short months apart, one to William & Betty, the other to William & Elizabeth.
The William married to Joanna/Hannah had to belong to Sampson and Marina somewhere given these names featured in their children.
We now know where.
Their daughter Marina has long been in my tree as wife of Henry DAWE, a descendant of both my BARTER and KING lines from the area. I calculate that this new connection makes them 3rd cousins.

Monday, 22 October 2012

More DAWEs & a RUNCIMAN rethink

The rather inter-twined DAWEs of South West Devon have had another update, as has the Patriarch page for the DAWE Surname DNA project where DNA oriented pedigrees lurk awaiting a direct male line DAWE interested enough in his family tree to donate a little bit of himself to history.

With that "little" project almost out of the way for now, there should be some time for attention to shift back to the RUNCIMANs where there has been an exciting bit of research by Phyllis and Alan who visited the Scottish Archives and finally found how the Richard who brought up William of Crail's orphaned children was related - he was their grandfather.
Back to the drawing board on how to connect up those dna matched trees !
Current favourite, and at the moment the only candidate available from readily available records, is the Richard married to Jennet GOURLAY, but evidence is rather sparse - or we'd have found it long ago.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Visitation of God, with Milwaukee for a bit of variety

Still flip-flopping between Devon and Australia on the extended DAWE families of South West Devon.
Had to shift one Henry DAWE from one family to the other on a bit of digging. I'd assumed he was an undocumented  brother of the Sampson and William at Willunga, but it looks rather more like he was a "cousin" instead. Not yet fully proven. His headstone shown on the Australian Cemetery Index shows him as "of Tamerton", which is indeed where the family that provided the other Willunga brothers, sons of Sampson & Jenny (MADDOCK) DAWE, lived, but so did that of John & Elizabeth (RUNDELL) DAWE, moving there from Coomb Hill, Sampford Spiney. The latter have a documented Henry of the right age. Some published family trees show him belonging to one, some to the other.
Did love the Coroner's verdict for Henry's unexpected death, as reported on Trove in the South Australian -  " Died by the Visitation of God".
The Milwaukee connection above is for yet another Samspon, married Mary Ann FUGE. A couple of trees confuse him with the Stoke Fleming Sampson (who married Catherine Henwood ROWE). Exactly how the Milwaukee one connects to the grandparents he is with in 1861 and 1871, William & Mary Ann (?HORN?, ?CONWAY?) DAWE at Hecklake in Whitchurch has yet to be found, but regardless, he emigrated to Milwaukee in 1893, wife and children following in 1897.
The trees on my DAWE page have been tidied up still futher, as several more linkages between families have now been confirmed.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

And back to Australia

The DAWE activity continues.
Several of the Devon trees have been tidied up and assorted Sampsons have now found their rightful homes.
One I'd not found in English census records turned up in a Sth Australian cemetery.
My DAWE page has been updated, including another of the interconnected trees, that of William & Johanna Hannah (HUNT) DAWE - who have a Newfoundland connection in their tree.

Friday, 12 October 2012

From Australia back to Devon

The activity on the Australian DAWE descendants of the Buckland Monachorum family of Sampson & Joan (BLANCHARD) DAWE reminded me of my trip to Devon in 2006.
Many photos were taken, many still await processing, most are of headstones, not scenic spots.
Those from Buckland Monachorum were the DAWE headstones in that churchyard, and have now been incorporated on my website.
To access them, go to the Places tab, scroll down to DEV, Buckland Monachorum and click on the little information icon

At the time I was probably taking the photos on spec rather than in the knowledge of where, or, they fitted into my family tree.
Some do, some don't, as it turned out, none are known to be from my direct DAWE line, despite what some online trees say (see prior post about his topic, enthusiasm vs accuracy), but are mostly descendants of James BARTER, or married to them.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Australian DAWEs

Their time has obviously come, again.
A descendant of Isaac DAWE, miller in Tasmania, had popped out of the woodwork a few weeks ago and some updates eventuated to that line, that from second wife Emily GREEN.

Just last week a MyHeritage SmartMatch popped up a TREMBATH/BROTHERAS researcher claiming another of my Isaac DAWs in Australia as marrying Elizabeth Ann BROTHERAS, nee TREMBATH in Cue, Western Australia.
This Isaac was one down the line from my Isaac, miller of Lumburn, Tavistock's brother William (married Mary WAY).
Two surprises here for me,  marriage and Western Australia!
Other researchers may  be well ahead of me here, but I had him has unmarried, born and dying in Victoria!
The information checks out, so Isaac has been included on my webpages for others to see the connections.
The wonderful newspapers online at Trove hint that maybe  Isaac's parents and some siblings also headed for Western Australia at some stage - not yet confirmed that "DAW and family" on the same voyage as Isaac is them however.

And then yesterday another heap of MyHeritage DAWE SmartMatches popped out of the woodwork, from yet another DAWE in Australia, Western Australia even.
These DAWE matches however turned out to be for the descendants of Joseph DAWE & Elizabeth CROSSMAN of Buckland Monachorum, no connection currently proven to my DAWEs above, but the trees are interconnected several times over via other families, such as my BARTERs and WILLCOCKs.

The DAWE DNA project would love to explore whether or not there is a connection between these South West Devon families, so are still looking for any direct male line DAWE descendants of any of these families willing to give it a try.

As a result of the above I've updated my DAWE page and added pages for:
  • John DAW of North Lew (to document the erroneous link that several trees make between the two above DAWE trees)
  • John DAWE of Yeoland, the John some trees give as the father of my Isaac DAWE, and is where at least one of my connections to his DAWE line begins, and
  • Elizabeth KING, wife of John DAWE of Yeoland

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

World view

Recently begun investigations on how better to display some of my genealogy data, eg an analysis by census years for my RUNCIMAN one name study by population concentrations, reminded me that several years ago I'd purchased Map My Family Tree.
With the disk eventually found it looked like it might be rather an out of date program given it mentioned that it the version of TMG that it could read directly was 6 (8.04 is the current version), and certainly had never been loaded under my current system, Win7 (64bit).
It loaded just fine. So nothing ventured, nothing gained it was pointed to my current database and set running.
The place file structure in TMG must still be as they were several years ago as it worked.
Was there an update available?
Check for updates kept telling me to connect to the internet, which I already was.
All was not lost however as the program' website FAQs acknowledged that there was a problem and provided the update file as a download.
Here's the end result from my entire database - certainly shows my areas of interest.

Great for finding errors in your place locations, but not altogether what I'm looking for as yet, however interesting in its own right.
GenMap next to be investigated, as some interesting example sites show exactly what I'm looking for - pity it seems to only be for the UK. Although it does appear to be a program launched back in 2002,  at least the webpage mentions Win7.