Friday, 11 January 2013

Theory blown

Ah well, win some lose some, or in this case, lose one, win some.
My  recently created RICHARDSON page outlined my theory that  the James who married Margaret MABON, and was widowed in 1812, went on to marry Christian OUTERSON and emigrate to Quebec.
A descendant of James & Margaret has popped out of the woodwork and shared his DNA results (many thanks).
These have been converted, where possible, to match our existing FamilyTree DNA results and now appear on the RICHARDSON page at DNA Surnames.
They make it look unlikely that we are talking about the same James here.

The "win" in the equation however is that we now have three matching Border RICHARDSON trees!
Exactly where they connect however remains to be seen.

Three trees down, how many others to go?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

ANDREWS of Martock

The publication of Jane GIBSON yesterday led me to dig out my 20 year old research (mine and others) in/on Martock (Somerset), the haunts of the ANDREWS.
Some of the results may be seen in the new page for The ANDREWS (which bears an uncanny resemblance to the recently introduced one for the DAWEs).
Some year we may find out whether or not the John & Susannah (CULLIFORD) ANDREWS family are related to the suggested tree for my John & Rebekah (WINES) ANDREWS - but I suspect we'll have to resort to Y-DNA testing to do so - direct male line ANDREWS welcome to enrol in the ANDREWS Surname DNA project - but please let know you've done so, as this isn't one of my projects.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Match or not?

Margaret BAIN nee SUTHERLAND of Stockyard Hill has been included on my main webpages.
This was prompted by a MyHeritage message that someone interested in the SUTHERLAND side of this tree had confirmed the MyHeritage "SmartMatch" for 3 of the family, but rejected that for Margaret and her father.
Hopefully they'll look further and realise the error of their ways

Original Docs

In keeping with NY resolutions - my Original Documents subsite has also been updated.
Most people found there are also published elsewhere, but the distinction is that copies of the original documents that merited their inclusion on the site are also available - click on the little camera icons after the events concerned.  Not all the pictures have been appropriately sized for web viewing, there's only so many hours in a day/week/year.
Near the top of most narratives will also be a link back to my main pages for more info, but none of the original files attached.

What prompted this update wasn't actually a New Year's resolution, but the realisation that my two greats grandmother Jane ANDREWS nee GIBSON hadn't been tidied up for publication, and I couldn't resist including the newspaper clippings about her enforced evacuation from New Plymouth to Nelson during the Maori Wars.
What I hadn't realised until now, with the much easier searching of newspapers using Papers Past, that it was Simon who hadn't wanted her to go to Nelson. Back when such finds had to be done the hard way by reading the actual newspapers, or relying on the wonderful journals of Fred Butler in the New Pymouth archives, I'd only found the first of the articles now included.

RootsWeb Freepages

New Year's resolution kept - update my Rootsweb site more often.  It only took  a year and a half to get round to that!
For a short time it will be the most up to date of my sites.
Took the opportunity to tweak a few bits and bobs and provide a few more cross references to the fuller surname pages on Big Brother.

Have a great 2013.