Friday, 28 October 2011

Fast lady

Hope that the actual image of this entry shows a different picture than the transcripts.
A 1901 census in Troqueer shows what look like twins in a SHORTREED family:
James 9 mos b Galashiels, Selkirk; Andrew 9 mos b Maxwelltown, Kirkcudbright
Mum Annie nee HOOD must have had to move rather fast to achieve that!
This HOOD activity being prompted by Harry bringing a RootsChat posting to my attention.

 He's a good relative finder.

An interesting set of DNA results in the FAIRBAIRN project in the last couple of days. Completely unexpected.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Once was not enough?

While checking some RUNCIMAN data I'd uploaded to WikiTree I decided to see if could identify the previously unknown to me wife of David Inglis RUNCIMAN, son of Robert Inglis RUNCIMAN.
Bingo, there in 1926 in the England and Wales marriage indexes was a likely looking marriage of a David I RUNCIMAN to an Effie CUMMING.
So I popped that info into my Ancestry tree.
Then up popped one of Ancestry's wonderful hints.
The marriage index entry in 1916 (Dublin South) of a David I RUNCIMAN to - wait for it - an Effie CUMMING!
Another hint popped up with a copy of his death notice, and yes, the David Inglis RUNCIMAN married to an Effie was indeed the son of Robert Inglis RUNCIMAN (died 1941, Herne Bay, Kent).
According to the death notice they had a daughter Margery, who turns out to have been born between these two marriage dates.
Anyone any hints on why the two marriage indexes? One Ireland, the other England, that far apart?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Course over, play time

As part of a course I gave last week on using online family trees (notes in process of being shifted to here), I had a play with WikiTree.
It's a collaborative tree, so you can really only do one automatic gedcom upload, preferably only for a small manageable section of your tree that you're prepared to monitor and merge in duplicates when you find rellies also working there that you can collaborate with.
Thereafter maintenance should be manual. Read their help files.
This is an experiment with their embeddable widgets, which update when the base data they come from is updated.

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree
And for my main HENDERSON brick wall where the gaps would be great to be filled in...

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Yesterday's post re Eleanor MURRAY, marr. to the William GRAHAM who died at Firbank

(thank you David for the photo), did of course lead me to re-examining the alternatives for their grandson William GRAHAM or CARRUTHERS, born 1791 to George GRAHAM of Firbank and Easet CARRUTHERS of Stagmire (who put off marrying until 1795).
David has added a third contender into the mix briefly discussed back in these posts.
He adds his William CARRUTHERS and Hannah DUERS.

I'm still leaning towards the William GRAHAM who married Jane FERGUSON in 1816, mainly because of the predominance of Easet as a forename in the family.
In the process I have added a Sarah GRAHAM into the mix, eldest daughter of William GRAHAM and Jane FERGUSON that I ddin't have before, but whose existance does rather explain the LITTLE grandchildren with William and Jane in some of the censuses - and yes, she also has a dtr Easet.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Right Eleanor after all

I was obviously being too cautious back when I posted on William GRAHAM's page that the only marriage to an Eleanor that I could find was in Carlisle, and it didn't "feel" right for a Kirklinton couple.
David has very kindly posted the marriage bonds in my Guestbook, so William's page, and the GRAHAM tree have been updated to show Eleanor as a MURRAY.
Ignore the entries for RUNCIMAN in the recent changes index - I've been revamping the One Name Study pages to more easily generate them, so an awful lot of RUNCIMAN data has been edited, but mainly only to set assorted flags in my database to show which data goes where.