Friday, 4 November 2016

Website changes

Status update on my websites.
A bit of rationalization is occurring behind the scenes - slowly, of course, genealogy and dna are far more interesting!
A casualty for a while was my - which holds, amongst other things, my Lorna's Links, and contact form - both of which most sites point to.
Should be back now.

In the review of what's where I did decide it's time to give up on RootsWeb as a Guestbook provider given that it has been more or less unoperational for quite some time.
Although a replacement is not yet in place* a snapshot of all posts (as at June when it was briefly available) from the RootsWeb Guestbook do now appear on as an historical record.

Although things are still in a state of flux, and likely to remain so for quite some time, please do let me know if something doesn't work as expected.

22 Nov 2016 update:
Guestbook now in place - links from other websites may take a little longer to be changed