Thursday, 31 May 2012

Devon again

Sally's posting in my Guestbook (28th May) has led to another tangled web of inter-relationships between the Devon families starting with a John BICKLE. His line leads back via MOSES and CREBER to  Elizabeth, daughter of James BARTER.
What the posting didn't state is that Sally's grandfather John A BICKLE married Amy Caroline BOWDEN, which name also seemed a bit familiar.
They were 5th cousins twice removed, as well as 6th cousins once removed, with Amy working back via ANDREWS and WILLCOCKS, to Ann BARTER, daughter of James BARTER (assuming of course the early BARTER research is solid).
My descent from James is from Elizabeth and Ann's brother James of Lower Dittisham.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Catching up

I still like to upload my researches to OneGreatFamily .
Their overview tree is still one of the better available on line for getting a good grasp of a family, and if others have also uploaded, where they have people you don't, or where your information differs.
My updates have been lagging behind somewhat as the earlier parts of each year are by far the busiest for me on the few things that take priority over genealogy in my life , but my August and September 2011 updates are now included in their combined tree.
The overview of how the updates are selected for upload etc back here, still holds.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ever hopeful

Thought I'd found a connection between the  FAMILTONs I was researching today and my DAWE/GALE twigs: Northumberland and Devon. Still wondering how come they met!
Closer inspection however showed that there were two Martha GALEs of an age born Devon around 1830, one the niece of the John GALE who married Betsy DAWE, the other the daughter of a Maria GALE. The latter's daughter is the one who married Thomas Potts FAMILTON of Preston.

Wondering where I've been?
Check out the FAIRBAIRN and RUNCIMAN project diaries and/or the recent change indexes for their respective One Name Studies, along with the FAMILTON DNA project diary. One day we'll find a willing candidate or two to test the theories on how some of the trees inter-relate.

Those aside here has been some DAW activity following Sheila's posting on my Guestbook with the current investigation being whether or not the Maud Millicent DAWE that Fredy DAW married was a relation?  Jury still out.