Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A few more CLINTON/PARKER dna snippets

Slowly but surely...
Here's an updated chromosome map for the dna segments identifiable as being inherited from the common ancestors of William CLINTON and Jemima PARKER who married in London in 1810.

With many thanks to the two cousins found amongst our matches at 23andme - you have added new segments to the map.
One day this will help us find more about one or other of the ancestors of William and Jemima!

A small increase in knowledge of the map published in June.

Anyone else claiming descent from William and Jemima would be MOST welcome to add to our sum of knowledge.
Order a FamilyFinder kit*, and join the autosomal DNA project FFLornaHen!

* using this link to order gives WikiTree something towards their wonderful free collaborative tree.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

For your consideration/support

A message from Andrea that I'm happy to post here to spread the word.
Her own webpates are at http://breastcancernirvana.co.nz/author/andrea-fairbairn/
and provide inspiration to all.
Hi everyone

Would you please share this with anyone who you think might be interested or could donate.

I am assisting Kiribati set up a Cancer Society and organise effective cancer services either in Kiribati or in the region. Currently there are no treatment options for children with cancer - as well as breast and cervical cancer etc.

I'm heading up to Kiribati in the second week of December and am looking for funding to work there for a week. During that time, we'll create a strategic plan and write funding applications for the major aid donors such as NZ Aid Programme (where I used to work), Australian Aid, USAID, the World Bank, WHO, Japan Aid etc.

Thanks, Andrea