Monday, 22 April 2013


Given that updates seem to be flavour of the week, my RootsWeb WorldConnect db LornaHenderson has also been updated. It will therefore contain the last 4 months of updates to all those connected to my extended tree, along with some pockets of connections to those connections.
BMDBs (Births, Marriages, Deaths, Burials) as usual, plus this time Census events have been included, date and place only.

As before,  for source information you will still need to contact me to find out where the information shown was obtained. This is because the older source data has never been re-examined to ensure nothing private is inadvertently shown, eg email addresses, dates for living people.

There's one less "orphan", ie a person known to be connected somehow but not where or how.
However the definition of "sister" on a US immigration form proved rather loose.
I'd not been able to fit a sister, supposedly Mrs T C JENKINS, into the family concerned (Marshall METHERELL) and up to now had also not found the "sister" in the US census.
This time round I investigated Marshall a little more and found a second marriage, and a child in the Pennsylvania records - where the sponsors for the baptism of the child were Thomas and Jessie JENKINS.
Seemed too much of a coincidence. This time, with first names now available, Mrs T C JENKINS has been found, and identified as Jessie DAVEY, so  rather looks to be a sister of Marshall's first wife Ann DAVEY, instead of Marshall's sister.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

When is an update not an update?

When it's the 20th April and shown as such on my Recent Changes index.
All of those listed as "updated", with the exception of James ROWE and Jessie SUTHERLAND, are behind the scenes tidy ups with no information added.
James is there as his baptism and burial information have been checked, found wanting, and updated.
Jessie because her death in Victoria, Australia has now been found.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Big Brother updated

"Big Brother" is my main Family Tree set of web pages ("Little sis" being my very first set of webapges, VERY infrequently updated, see Home, for further explanation of what exists were).

If you are used to navigating the menus you will need to break old habits and find where they've shifted to.
SecondSite, the program used to generate these pages direct from my TMG genealogy database, has been updated and allowed me to use Sub Menus.
So all that clutter of surnames etc has been reduced to a much cleaner menu structure.
Everything that used to be there is still there, just shifted in the menu.
For any menu item showing an arrow, either click on the menu item and see an explanation about the offerings beneath it, or hover over the menu item and select a sub menu.
Failing that, why not use the Site Search?

In general, menu items in the sidebar are family specific, although the last three will take you to other sites where copies of my data exists in differently navigable forms.
Those in the top menu are links to other of my webpages.