Friday, 30 October 2015

Oral family tradition?

Had a bit of a chuckle at the birthplace recorded for the ancestor of a newfound DNA rellie when I went looking to see what other family trees were out there
Birth:July 25 1811 - Scotland
Birth: July 25 1811 - Forgetbrainhead, Dunfriesshire, Scotland

The actual entry shows
Born 22 Jul 1810 - Forgebraehead (which is how my match shows it in his tree as well)

Love to hear from any descendants of Christopher GRAHAM and Jannet GRIEVE of Forgebraehead who may have ventured into DNA testing for genealogy - this is the most likely looking line of my match's ancestry to find a connection on.
Although this only leads to the morass of GRAHAMs and related names in the Dumfries/Cumberland areas without any obvious actual family to connect us up at the moment, it would be good to narrow down the match to this line if at all possible.