Saturday, 28 July 2012

How many hsubands?

Contact from Veronica has led me to review where my research had left the family of Robert Herd FAIRBAIRN Jnr.
Back in 2008 or thereabouts his family was a bit of a puzzle as to whether or not there were one or two Roberts.
I convinced myself that there was indeed only one, but wife #1 had obviously not died, as she had popped up as large as life as an 87 yr old telephone operator in the 1930 census of Redington, Nebraska.
This time round, with much more information readily available and indexed, and with a very helpful BUSHEE researcher who had posted a biography of Lucy on his ancestry tree, there will be a lot more certainty to Robert's page next update. (As well as naturalization and land details for his grandfather David, married to Jane HERD).
Lucy seems to have led a colourful life.
Five "husbands" are mentioned. So far I've only found one marriage indexed, that to Walter GAGE (as Lucy FAIRBAIRN), but have found her in census data with Robert FAIRBAIRN, Walter GAGE, and "husband" #5 Harry GORDON. The quotes are because although the article states that Walter had died, then she married #4 HUNTOON, then #5, Harry, in 1893. Walter appears to have been happily living in California since 1888, dying there in 1910.  Guess if you can divorce one husband back in the 1860s, another isn't a problem.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

No news

No news is good news, isn't it?
Bit preoccupied elsewhere than genealogy for a while.
The update to my main Family Tree site is mostly a catchup, with all the recent changes shown since the last update (6th April to now 17th July) are mostly background data tidyups or links to other sites, rather than new data.
There are probably several new twigs on assorted descendant charts though.

The "home" link from this site has changed slightly because of a background experiment, which may mean that anyone going direct to my main domain might get some unexpected results.