Sunday, 14 June 2015

Update time

My RootsWeb WorldConnect database LornaHenderson has been refreshed.
Can't recall exactly what all has changed but there have been some general tidy-ups and checking of early research, and an unexpected new branch on the SINTON family.

You may have read this post about Catherine SINTON, not two people whose fates and "tree" were unknown, but one person now placed in her tree.
Turns out that Catherine had yet another illegitimate child, Ethel Janet.
Ethel's marriage certificate was an interesting blend of fact and fiction, but the family stories passed on to the descendant who found me had fitted with Catherine's life in Alford Forest, so yet another mystery placed in her SINTON tree - same tree, same Catherine.

Can you spot any resemblance between Phyl's great grandmother Kate (1850-1939)

and my 2* great grandmother Helen WIGHT nee SINTON (abt 1820 - 1883)
and Helen's sister Jane TELFER nee SINTON (abt 1812 - 1902)?
(Helen and Jane are 1st cousins once removed to Kate.)

Noone seems to know what happened to Ethel's brother Ernest John SINTON - last sighting Auckland in 1928 - anyone got a stray Ernest needing a home?