Sunday, 22 April 2012

SINTON twigs

Email from Dave greeted me this morning, researching Archibald Douglas TURNBULL (Jnr).
Did I know his wife's name? All he had was BROWN and couldn't find a marriage in England.
He was one step ahead of me, I didn't even have Archibald married.
I ended the day a few steps ahead - they married in Edinburgh, presumably because Mary Grace BROWN was working at Fleur, Coldingham at the time, even though she was Northumberland born and bred.
No idea if Mary is any connection to her husband's grandmother Jessie Douglas Carmichael BROWN, with or without an E, daughter of David BROWN(E) watchmaker born Edinburgh.

The SINTON descendant chart these TURNBULLs belong to has been updated with the above and one or two other connected dates, including that for the above Archibald's grandfather's 1934 death as there was a probate indexed in 1934 for Thomas Wilson TURNBULL of the right place, wife and children.
Some trees seem to claim this Thomas Wilson T. as the father of an Archibald Lancelot TURNBULL and have him dying in 1913 in Linlithgow, which date and/or place cannot be verified.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Isn't it wonderful...

... that when someone shows you how to re-interpret a mystery that all the records you couldn't find are now easily found!

Midi popped out of the woodwork to let me know the fruits of the research that she, and a very helpful Devon Online Parish Clerk (OPC), had put together in the search for her 3*great grandmother, one Thomasin aka Tammay aka Thomazin aka Tamson etc etc etc YEOMAN.
During that research she happened upon the 1861 census entry showing one of Tammay's married daughters, Jane WALTERS, in the family of Nathaniel DAWE and wife Tammay, in Plymouth, showing as a daughter of Nathaniel's.
Not that I'd searched particularly concertedly, but on the information shown I'd never managed to find Jane DAW(E)'s marriage to WALTERS, nor her birth, nor the marriage for Nathaniel and Tammay.
Knowing what I now know, out they popped:
  • "daughter" Jane's 1848 marriage as Jane COTTON to William WALTERS (at least the husband had been correct all along thankfully)
  • Jane's 1817 baptism in Plymouth Charles, father Sampson COTTON a miller at Lipson Mill
both images now being available on FindMyPast. 

Midi supplied both of Thomasin's marriages (which images I've not yet managed to find on FindMyPast):
  • firstly to Sampson COTTON in May 1816 at Charles the Martyr, Plymouth
  • secondly to Nathaniel DAWE in May 1824, Stoke Damerel.
Adding that Sampson had died in 1822 and was buried at/from the Ebeneezer Methodist Chapel in Plymouth, aged 34. And that son Samuel COTTON was a witness to the marriage of Nathaniel DAWE junior's marriage in 1855.
In my defence, I did have a note that possibly the marriage to Nathaniel might be around 1825 rather than 1816 given that's when the next children arrived, but I'd obviously not searched hard enough back when I had access to the Plymouth/Stoke Damerel parish records.

Jane WALTER's family will continue to be included in my WorldConnect database LornaHenderson, so that the research that has been shared  by/with me over the years down that line still shows, but they are now COTTON, not DAWE, descendents.
In the process a few other COTTONs in the database have had their dates checked and approximations now match reality, the family of James COTTON (b. Sth Africa) and Hannah Emma Jones BROOKING. Also added three more children into the family from the 1911 census, which included a 1 month old mite Emmie Violet, crossed out, who turned out to have been born and died the year before.

The database has been reloaded to reflect all of the above, along with the recent activity on the family of Alexander HENDERSON of the P.O. Buildings, Biggar - although several of the newly identified twigs are amongst the living and thus not shown in this extracted database. Would love to hear from the children of Alexander's son Alexander in California.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Blog labelling convention

Probably time the label naming convention being used here was re-stated.
  • SURNAMEs mentioned are shown in capitals
  • Places usually have a higher order place (in brackets) after them, usually using Chapman codes or the abbreviated county/country list that used to be distributed with the GRD
Anything else is just a key word of some sort, or a place that hasn't yet been supplemented by a (CODE), of which latter there will be a few still.

The accuracy of family info

It should come as no surprise that family information, filtered through several sets of ears and many years, may not actually be accurate.
Latest instance popped up in one of my HENDERSON families.
I'd been told, several years ago, that "Peggy married Joe and had two children..." with Joe later being named "GOODWIN".
The statement turns out wrong on several counts but the one that prompted this entry was being found by Peggy's daughter and learning that Joe GOODWIN was actually two separate husbands, one a Joe HEANEY, the other a George GOODWIN.
So far Joe HEANEY's existence is only partially confirmed in a child's surname, and Margaret/Peggy's marriage to George, back down in Cumberland (from Biggar), but it does seem to be a step or two closer to reality.
The HENDERSON chart has been updated to reflect at least some of the additional twigs now on the tree down from Archibald, brother of my great grandfather William.
Look forward to more updates Liz, great to chat to you.

Friday, 6 April 2012


Thank you Annie.
Annie has posted on my Guestbook a death notice from the Carlisle Journal, Saturday 11 Oct 1834, transcribed by Petra Mitchinson (on the Cumberland Rootsweb list)

"At Glasgow, on the 1st inst., in childbed, Ann, wife of Mr. John TURNBULL, and daughter of the late Mr. Wm. BATY, of Hornick Hill, near Longtown, in this county, aged 30 years, much respected." (I've changed the Hall to Hill)

This has to be the Annie born 1804, daughter of my William BATY and his second wife Mary SIMPSON.

With this hint FamilySearch shows that the "in childbed" refers to a daughter born, and died, 24th Sep.

Wonder if John TURNBULL connects to my other Arthuret and Nicol Forest TURNBULLs?

The only marriage found to date is in Glasgow of a John TURNBULL, chaise driver, to Ann BEATTIE in May 1934.  Can anyone claim them and/or disprove that this couple is the above John and Ann?

Ignore the BATY recent change index entries for 6th April other than Ann, the others were just typo fixes.