Tuesday, 29 June 2010

29th: Back to Swordale, ROC and SINTONs

I'm back fossicking around Ross & Cromarty again.
Prompted this time by a posting the other day against my prior posting re the John SINTON and Catherine CROSS family mentioned back in Feb 2009.
This time round I also followed another apparent 1851 SINTON family, from Roxburghshire but living in Lochbroom, around for a while, before, this time, convincing myself that they were misindexed in 1851 as SINTON and are really LINTONs.
John and Catherine however remain firmly as SINTON with a few more details now being found.
Those with ancestry access can see where I've got too adding sources to the family as I've included John on my tree there until such time the rest of my published data catches up with this branch of the SINTONs.
Farrell, the poster of the comment, is a descendant from John and Catherine's daughter Janet/Jessie via her son John GRAHAM (b. 1867 Swordale).

Sunday, 27 June 2010

27th: Another Runciman line

No idea as yet if there's any connection to the Crail/North Berwick line of William, and hence to my Wanton Walls RUNCIMAN families, but an update to the One Name Study pages has been done to include some details on Alexander & Janet (HENDRIE) RUNCIMAN and family of Dunbar, or at least as I currently see them.
Can't actually remember what started me on them, but Harry provided some info that had been shared with him some years ago, and I had a good dig around.
More to come later on what is increasingly looking like the growing family of Thomas RUNCIMAN & Jane/Jean/Christina SIMPSON that looks as if it fits into this line.
The DNA project would love to get some representatives from this line to see what might show up on who is related (more closely?) to whom. (Discounts apply until 30th Jun).

Sunday, 20 June 2010

20th: Watch this space in a couple of months

With the Family Tree DNA summer sale under way activity of late has mostly been on finding those elusive candidates to represent assorted lines in their respective dna projects while the kits are cheaper.
Success so far with a couple of RUNCIMANs on a new line, ditto one FAIRBAIRN, and the first participant for the FAMILTON project.
With a bit of luck and a tail wind over the remaining five days of the sale there might be a few more recruits to help piece together the jigsaws.
All projects welcome new participants, and now is a good time to be in.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Delayed by bad weather!

Anyone waiting expectantly for a new post (well I do assume at least some people read this) may have a while to wait.
I'm in consolidation mode - both in rationalising my computing to eventually, I hope, simplify how I do assorted things. However that has meant a complete change to how I work with my emails and assorted email addresses and hosts, and buying a new laptop (a Mac, yet to arrive, but that's probably going to be an interesting new experience for this previously completely pc based computnik).
So that's all time away from research.

I'm also slowly working thru checking back over assorted things, primarily my updates to OneGreatFamily both to see that they've been connected up correctly, and to see if anyone else is working on the same families.

And I've committed myself to giving a course for the local WEA on comparisons of assorted genie packages in Sept, so that needs research....
The list goes on.

All that aside, a recent new contact will mean updates to a branch of the CREBER/WARE family as Hugh has provided a husband for Jane dtr of Richard CREBER and Elizabeth WARE, which involves connecting up assorted links, including a few stray STUTTAFORD/CREBERs that I had in my database suspecting there was a connection, and now seeing what it is.  Despite a move to London and back to Somerset (parents from Devon), she married a CREBER rellie.