Saturday, 21 February 2009

20th: Swapping ROX for ROC?

I'm growing a theory here. When James, son of Peter and Janet (Donaldson) SINTON died in 1855 his death cert implied that his son John was aged 45 and still alive. Over the years I've only really found one remotely likely candidate, in Ontario, and wasn't very thrilled that he'd be him at all.
Today I stumbled across a slightly too young John in Ross & Cromarty, a shepherd (right occupation for a farmer's son), who occasionally decided to say he was born in Bowden, ROX (well, ancestry says Bomden, ROX, and in one census Bowden, SEL). I've not checked the original to reassure myself that the FINTON, and SENTER names the family has been indexed as are really SINTON, but was intrigued enough by this chap to chase him thru the records to see where it lead.
He died in 1881 and his death cert. does indeed say his parents were a James SINTON and Margaret. However, I cannot turn his mother's maiden name into WILKIE. Nearest interpretation is GILLES, and even that isn't certain.

Anyone out there researching the family of John SINTON and Catherine CROSS of Kiltearn, Ross and Cromarty? Over the years the family were at: Leadgown, Contin Parish; Swordale, Kiltearn Parish; Boath, Alness; Associated surnames so far are ROSS and McKAY, with one daughter (a Rachel, a name significant in the family of James and Margaret) moving to Dores, Inverness; a son John moving to Bonar, Sutherland and the fates of the rest of the family yet to be discovered.

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  1. Hi,

    Saw your post (belated I know) and had a hallelujah moment. Hope you don't mind me contcting you but I have a link to John Sinton and Catherine Cross in respect of my great granfather was their grandson. John Graham was born to Jessie Sinton and John Graham in 1867 at Swordale. I am presuming he was born in the Sinton residence whilst they lived in Swordale. This was an illegitemate child (Jessie and John not being married) and they shortly went their separate ways and the son john eventually took on the name of John Graham Macrae when Jessie married some years later. Because of this I am struggling to determine his fathers ancestry (John Graham senior that is which is my true heritage). I know it's a long shot but would really appreciate any information you may have. If you can help, please can you reply to this post with details on how we can communicate privately and discuss your rates.

    Farrell Macrae (shifted from an obsolete GenBlog by Lorna, 29 Jun 2010)