Sunday, 7 February 2010

7th: From bigamy to ... make up your own mind

What an innocuous start to a conversation.
Hello Lorna

Could we talk about Oswald?
I can't find him on your Lornahen website Regards from Veronika

As he was on the far reaches of my WINES, all I knew about him was that he existed, hence my reply:
Hi Veronika,

You can't find him on LornaHen for two reasons, one I only write up and publish people on that site that I know something about and I don't know anything about him other than he existed, and two, the other place he may appear there would be in a descendant chart but I've never done one for the WINES, they're just too prolific!

Are you related to Oswald? Can you remedy the fact that I know little about him and his branch of the tree?


Which led to:
Subject: Re: Oswald Dixon ancestry

Hello Lorna

Sure can...

Oswald Henry Dixon, born 1884 Gundagai in 1913, married my Marguerite Alice Wakeford, born 1885, Newtown, NSW died 22 Jun 1917, The Rock, NSW Her parents :
George Wakeford and Ellen/Eleanor Smyth

I'm led to believe that they had one daughter, before...

The Sydney Morning Herald... Saturday 30 June 1917, page 14 ALLEGED WIFE MURDER.
WAGGA, Friday.

I've not yet dragged myself away from the RUNICMAN One Name Study, and latest set of FAIRBAIRN DNA results, but here's a link to one of the articles for those interested in the spicier side of family history to be going on with.

Veronika's summary:
He prepared the capsule purporting to contain liquorice powder, and gave it
to his wife
And he is reported as having an affair with a young girl who works in the

And at the end of it all, he got his wife's inheritance
He got rewarded for poisoning her!

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