Tuesday, 4 May 2010

4th: Two for the price of one

Harry kindly forwarded an OPR page he had downloaded for something when he noticed that it would push all my Borders buttons - mentioned SINTON, FAIRBAIRN and occurred in Southdean (it also had a couple of OLIVERs on it).

The SINTON reference was the marriage entry for Robert TELFER and Agnes SINTON, which I had an incomplete transcript of, but no copy, so that filled in a gap in my records.

The FAIRBAIRN reference was the marriage of a Nancy FAIRBAIRN to John RIDDELL (2 Dec 1808), which sounded (mostly) familiar.
That too filled a couple of gaps in my records. Nancy was previously only known to me as Agnes, and I knew her parents had moved from St Boswells to Macksidemoor, Southdean by 1804, and were recorded at Moorhead in 1806.
So still there in 1808, and now with a marriage date for Agnes/Nancy, a bit earlier than I'd guessed from the age of the 1st child known to me (Archibald, 1812, Nisbet Mill).

Updates to the WorldConnect links above will follow in due course.
(Thanks Harry)

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