Sunday, 10 October 2010

8th: Scots arise!

I've just happened across confirmation of a baptism in an unusual source.
Can't say I've ever thought of searching a collection entitled "England and Wales Christening Records 1530-1906" (available on for a Scottish birth or baptism.
When did Fala and Soutra move south?
I do admit that it went one better than the IGI extracted record as this "English" entry included both birth and baptism dates.
The entry popped up as a hint when inputting James TAYLOR of Catcune, Borthwick, MLN into my FAIRBAIRN research tree on ancesty.
I'd been searching to see who was at Catcune in 1851, given that in 1841 James TAYLOR's brother-in-law James FAIRBAIRN, father of the Rev James FAIRBAIRN of Newhaven, was still hanging on in there at age 76, and living there then.

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