Monday, 10 January 2011

10th: Millers and publicans

A welcome email arrived this morning enclosing a photo of William Matthias ROWE, found by his great grandson in his mother's photos - and Howard thought I might like it, given he'd found my web pages.

Spurred me into a few updates on that branch of the ROWE/DAWE tree (William Matthias - Matt - is related twice over as his parents Joseph King ROWE and Thirza DAWE are brother and sister to my 2* great grandparents William ROWE and Honor DAWE respectively.

Checking what I had I was reminded that in the ROWE/DAWE letters he is mentioned as having given up being a miller and had moved to Teignmouth to be a publican - for which occupation the family thought he was not well suited.
He obviously came to the same conclusion as the photo was annotated that he moved from Nymet Mill to the Valletort mills, Millbay, (Plymouth) with no mention of his soujourn as a publican at the date they have him as shifting.
Matt is now included in the Originals subsite of my main web pages and I look forward to further updates.

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