Wednesday, 23 February 2011

23rd: Another twig in Canada

Heard from Natalie this week, filling me in on what happened to Jane Henderson BAIN.
She and James GUNN emigrated to Canada around 1920, settling in Tantallon, Saskatchewan.
More details to come, but that's another line from John and Catherine (GRAY) BAIN whose fate is now know.
Updates will appear in my WorldConnect db LornaHenderson in due course.

Most work lately has been on FAIRBAIRNs, trying to resolve the unresolveable - piecing together early families with too little information, and in the current instance, seeing if the view of the Earlston/Smailholm/Legerwood world that some others have that conflicts with my view, can be resolved using the dna view of the families of the time.
Think we're going to have to resort to mitochondrial dna to add to the view of that world, if and only if, we can find direct female line descendants willing to help. See the FAIRBAIRN blog.

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