Sunday, 10 April 2011

10th: Robertson or Robinson?

On reflection, I've decided to plump for ROBINSON for Agnes' name.
Reviewing which version (and excluding the slightly less commonly found ROBISON) was more frequently used when she herself could influence what was written down, ROBINSON wins.
So I've updated Agnes FAIRBAIRN nee ROBINSON's page slightly, and had another (brief) look to see if there's any obvious marriage floating around for her parents, cooper John ROBINSON and wife Ann. There's one in Berwick on Tweed, NBL that might fit the bill - and An(n) is a ROBSON !!!
Some day it will get investigated to see if there's something handy like John's occupation stated.

It's all Ed's fault, this bout of activity.
He asked what Agnes' name should be.
And reported that not only had he found John's Civil War Town Clerk's record, which showed his parents, but the same set of records had an entry for John's son Walter - recorded as Watkins FAIRBURNS no less, with New York paying a bounty of $600 for his service. Which seemed a lot, but a quick web search found an article discussing the draft, and indicates that it wasn't my misinterpreting a $6.00 sum at all.
Walter aka Watkins' record adds yet another birth date to his collection, 29 Mar 1843, as opposed to 31 Mar 1842 or about 1841.

Further to yesterday's post re Archibald MILLER & Margaret BAIN's family, I've now confirmed that both sons Archibald and William did indeed go to Canada, as did father Archibald, although he must have returned, given he died in Wick.

The ANDREWS descendant chart has been converted to the new interactive format now too.

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