Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fewer orphans

I'm in the process of checking another update to my WorldConnect database LornaHenderson.

Part of that check is to see if I can connect a few of the "orphaned" people in my database that are known to be related, but I've no idea how.  They've usually been found because there were "grandchild of xxx" in a census, or informant for a BDM etc.

This time round I've placed:
- Thomas BROWN, informant for the death of his brother-in-law Alexander LIDDLE in 1926 (he was married to Agnes WIGHTMAN, sister of Alexander's wife Jessie).
- Maggie P  and John P AINSLIE, who probably show up as HALL at the moment, given as part of this check I realised I'd recorded them inaccurately from the 1891 census. According to the 1901 census they belong to Euphemia AINSLIE or HALL, as they appear on that census as step children to Euphemia's husband Peter RIDDELL
But I gave up, again, on identifying which METHERELL married a T C JENKINS some time before 1923 and was living in Philadelphia - at least according to the emigration records for her brother Marshall METHERELL.
Several of his sisters are now more fully identified, with husbands and children as a result, so some progress, with names such as DONEY,  HAM and ROGERS, being added to the tree.

At this rate of progress, could be a while before the updates arrive.

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