Friday, 23 November 2012

Traps for not so young players

Still digging around in the family of Donald Cowper HENDERSON & Margaret BROWN.
Back in 2006 I'd found an ancestral file entry for the family showing they had a son James born about 1882 in Scotland, married to Della HAUCK - which family I'd never been able to validate, coming or going to/from Scotland to California, marrying, dying, nothing.
But I did have a brother in the family named Hinckley who married a Della someone.
For the latter I had at least found some evidence in records, including the "perfect" speicimen his father, the registrar, thought he was in his WWI draft registration below.

Think I've cracked that one.
James supposedly born 1882 Scotland turns out to be James Cowper HENDERSON, born Hinckley Stn, San Bernadino County, California in 1896, on exactly the same day as the above Hinckley always uses, with the same parents.
Haven't yet figured out who his supposed child is and reconciled the conflicting marriage information between census and military records.

The Californian branch adds in a few new names: KLEINSCHMIDT, McDONALD, BOGGS, FAYLE, EARLE, SMITH, GOLDING, TRAPNELL to add to those already there - ALLAN, HAWLEY, MILLER, CRAWFORD.

The descendant chart on the HENDERSON page  has been updated to reflect current status.

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