Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Miracle? Mistake? or ??

Part of the validity checking ready for the WorldConnect reload of db LornaHenderson popped up a birth after a mother had died.
My initial assumption was that it would be a simple typo on my part.
Not so simple.
Although the parish register clearly shows William Walter BICKELL's  birth and baptism are Jun/Jul 1895, with parents Richard & Mary Louisa BICKELL, they also show that his mother died 28th Jun 1894 and was buried 1 Jul 1894.
My next assumption was that his birth year was 1894 and he was baptized a year later - so a clerical error in the parish register.
Or that his mother's burial was misdated, given that it was one of a small number at the top of a page headed 1894, but having none for 1895, then a number of 1896 burials.
However, the birth and death registers show Mary Louisa's death registered 1894 Q2, and William's birth registered 1895 Qtr 3.
Since 1874 English births registrations were compulsary, with the parent being required to be registered within 42 days, or a £2 fine was to be paid. Perhaps Richard paid up for registering a year later, and the birth date in the Parish register against the baptism is incorrect?

Any takers on resolving this one?
For now, my database continues to show the implausible data.

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