Friday, 4 January 2013

Original Docs

In keeping with NY resolutions - my Original Documents subsite has also been updated.
Most people found there are also published elsewhere, but the distinction is that copies of the original documents that merited their inclusion on the site are also available - click on the little camera icons after the events concerned.  Not all the pictures have been appropriately sized for web viewing, there's only so many hours in a day/week/year.
Near the top of most narratives will also be a link back to my main pages for more info, but none of the original files attached.

What prompted this update wasn't actually a New Year's resolution, but the realisation that my two greats grandmother Jane ANDREWS nee GIBSON hadn't been tidied up for publication, and I couldn't resist including the newspaper clippings about her enforced evacuation from New Plymouth to Nelson during the Maori Wars.
What I hadn't realised until now, with the much easier searching of newspapers using Papers Past, that it was Simon who hadn't wanted her to go to Nelson. Back when such finds had to be done the hard way by reading the actual newspapers, or relying on the wonderful journals of Fred Butler in the New Pymouth archives, I'd only found the first of the articles now included.

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