Monday, 31 March 2014

Lack of activity

The more observant of you may have noticed a decided lack of updates on my assorted sites over the last few months.
Three main reasons:
1) Back in December I foolishly wasn't taking enough regular backups and when I had a database crash I thought I'd lost rather a lot of work.
I'd always been able to simply re-open and carry on after a crash before!
WhollyGenes came to the party and returned a restored database to me, but I then had to work through and merge all the data between the one I carried on working with, and the one returned with the missing data in it. Finally completed in March.
Backup NOW, and regularly.
2) Back in January my lovely cat Zula died aged 17 (& four months for accuracy's sake).

3) I've now acquired two new kittens. The initial requirement was that they like each other, but so far, that looks to be problematic even though they are supposedly siblings and come from the same rescue shelter.
( The green eyes of jealousy are apt, but are actually the result of the flash rather than reality.)

Normal services should resume soon-ish!

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