Sunday, 13 April 2014

WorldConnect - BDM data redux

As per yesterday's post, my updates continue.
WorldConnect database LornaHenderson has been refreshed.

In addition to both LornaPotential and LornaHenderson being on RootsWeb for posterity, both have been uploaded to my Henderson Web Site on MyHeritage.
This time I have hopes that the latter will continue to be able to be synchronised with  my desktop, never having been able to do so up till now for reasons they've not been able to fathom.

With the changes to MyHeritage over the last while, records found in their searches can now be attached to trees, much like Ancestry, but I have to confess the latter impinges on my consciousness more than MyHeritage does, so my trees there, although incomplete, are more actively worked on.
MyHeritage's strength, for me, remains the smartmatch facility I've found useful since GenCircles days.

Regardless of which site, contact from relatives, however distant, is welcome.

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