Wednesday, 9 July 2014

GRAHAMs galore

The GRAHAM families of colonial Delaware/Virginia/North Carolina continue to provide interesting research opportunities as we explore the connection to my Cumberland (ENG) GRAHAMs  indicated by our autosomal dna matches (refer earlier post here).

Contact with each match is gradually eliciting responses with further information - at least for those without impossible-to-get-past spam filters on their email.
Thankfully the latter are rare but if someone posts an email address on a dna site expecting contact from matches, it would be nice if you could actually contact them.

The most interesting discovery/lead is the addition of the family of Archibald & Margaret (SHED?) GRAHAM of Augusta Co., Virginia > Patterson Springs, Cleveland Co., North Carolina into the growing, well triangulated group.

As a result of all of this activity, I've promoted the GRAHAMs from the Surname chart section of my website to the Surname pages section.

Check out the GRAHAM page which attempts to pull this information together.
Included here, as well as there, is the current state of knowledge of dna identifiable as belonging to whomsoever is the shared ancestor of:
  • Andrew GRAHAM of Fauld, Longtown, Cumberland, England
  • James & Elizabeth (?ARSKIN/?ADAIR or ??, later OGLE) GRAHAM of New Castle, Delaware, America
  • Archibald & Margaret (?SHED) GRAHAM of Augusta Co., Virginia, America > Patterson Springs, Cleveland Co., North Carolina, America
In the interests of accuracy I do have to acknowledge that Andrew is just one of the GRAHAM lines in this ancestry, the actual link could well be back up an as yet undocumented history of any of the GRAHAMs who married into this GRAHAM tree, of which there are several. He is just the earliest I know of, the rest being to young to be the ancestor of James and/or Archibald.

My WorldConnect Database LornaPotential has been updated to include some of the above Archibald and James GRAHAM families as research proceeds (Archibald, James).

If anyone from these families has tested their autosomal dna from any of ancestry, 23andme and FamilyTreeDNA and we've not been in touch recently about any matches, please do make yourselves known - preferably with a GEDMatch id if you have one - and we may be able to add a few more segments to the above.

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  1. Hi all, I am looking for anyone who has taken a Y DNA test from this line of Grahams, must be from the male side of the family. Supposedly the Grahams came with my Gwinns from the same place in Ireland, an identified Haplogroup downstream of DF105 and M222 would be helpful in identifying a possible Irish location for these 2 families.


    Tim McEvoy