Saturday, 6 December 2014

Moral or medical judgement?

(From an 1866 death certificate)

Found during investigations into a dna match between a descendant of a FAICHNEY/McTAVISH family from Dunblane and two of the extended HENDERSON/McEWAN family tree FamilyFinder participants.
If there are any dna tested descendants from the family of Fergus FAICHNEY and Mary McTAVISH who married at Dunblane in 1842 I'd love to hear from you to help rule in or out that this is the line where the match comes from.
Or, for that matter John McTAVISH and Margaret McDIARMID who married at Killin, Perthshire in 1811.

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  1. We now know that whoever the common ancestor between the matches is that they are at least as far back as Margaret McEWAN's parents, James McEWAN and Margaret FISHER who married Kincardine by Doune, 1774.
    This being determined by a fourth person confirmed as joining the group of matches on chromosome 19, and having a known relationship to the two descendants of James HENDERSON and Amelia MILLAR.