Monday, 17 December 2018

Mapped chromosomes down to 12cMs

Here's my 2018 end of year snapshot overall chromosome map, down to 12cM segments, by assigned Grandparent to give me as good a picture as I can as at now - both for ease of reference and as a measure of progress at the end of 2019.

It was a bit easier than I thought it might be to update the chromosome maps from yesterday down from the 15cMs used for those to the 12cMs minimum segment size used for the below. I had apparently been keeping up with the new smaller matches after all.

Gained a whole 6% more mapped DNA but it took over 450 more segments (from 12 to 15cMs) to add that 6%.
Dec 2018 Chromosome Map, by Grandparent, of 12+cM segments - DNAPainter
Still way too many yellow/orange/brown mysteries in there, hopefully disguising good clues to the brickwalls.

FWIW a table of the numbers of mapped segments per Side and Grandparent, split by 12-15cMs and over 15cMs is thrown in for contemplation.

Side GrdParent 12-15 GT15 Total Result
A Paternal? or Maternal? Side A 4 6 10
B Paternal? or Maternal? Side B 1 6 7
M Ern ANDREWS b. 1881 (TNK) 60 103 163

Ern ANDREWS b. 1881 (TNK) assumed 25 24 49

Honor ROWE b. 1886 (TNK) 43 144 187

Honor ROWE b. 1886 (TNK) assumed 6 8 14

Maternal - branch unknown 86 143 229

Maternal assumed - branch unknown 6 15 21
P Agnes Manson DAVIDSON b. 1885 (OTG) 49 64 113

Agnes Manson DAVIDSON b. 1885 (OTG) assumed 7 3 10

Archibald HENDERSON b. 1883 (OTG) 106 176 282

Archibald HENDERSON b. 1883 (OTG) assumed 20 22 42

Paternal - branch unknown 51 29 80

Paternal assumed - branch unknown 12 12 24
Total Result
476 755 1231

39% 61% 100%
The data comes from the main testing companies, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, 23andme, ie the ones who actually supply the segment level detail necessary (ie excludes Ancestry who refuses too). With many testers only on their original company it is not always possible to compare matches with known relatives at the right spots for accurate assignments, hence the "assumed" and "unknown" categories.
Do please consider transferring your DNA file to GEDMatch where cross company comparisons may be made!

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