Thursday, 27 December 2007

Fair whizzing along with FAIRBAIRNs

Continued working on the family of Archibald FAIRBAIRN and Mary GRIERSON with quite a bit of success. Interested to note that one family member married a ROBSON, a variant of which surname married into the other Archibald FAIRBAIRN's family.
Revised, yet again, the brief FAIRBAIRN chart and the "other Archibald" chart on the FAIRBAIRN pages.
Also included the Archibald who married Janet SCOTT on the web pages, given that there's a leap or two of faith taken in there that others may not agree with. At least people can see how I reached my conclusions. If anyone has any compelling arguments another way, do tell me. I see at least one tree on the web that has these families completely differently to this.

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  1. Hi Lorna,
    Thought I noticed one of the Delaware County NY Fairbairns corresponding with you in regard to DNA testing but I don't see any results. If I'm mistaken, I'll start approaching some of the ones I know about being tested. Happy New Year!
    Ed Stewart