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Feb 25, 2008: Early Taranaki, pre 1st 6 ships

Forgot to mention (back on the 21st) that the Toronto descendant of Hugh HAMLEY and Elizabeth ROWE found a web reference to a William LAKEMAN of Bere Ferrers who would definitely fit the bill of being the grandson mentioned in the will of Matthias ROWE in 1836.
I interpreted the will to refer to grandsons William, James and John LUKEMAN, but could easily re-interpret that as LAKEMAN.
I found the baptisms of (I assume twins) brothers James Rowe and John sons of John (carpenter) & Mary LAKENHAM of Lydford in the Bere Ferrers registers in 1816.
Check out William LAKEMAN, early resident of New Plymouth.
I've not managed to find his baptism, but this is the right age, place, and I think parents.
What I found most fascinating about this was the additional connection it gives me into Taranaki, and prior to the so called "first 6 ships" that brought my 2*great grandparents, and so many of the forbears of my Taranaki relations.

Addenda: Found William's baptism in 1811, which has convinced me even further that he's the right chap.
Interesting to re-read some of my New Plymouth history books in light of this new link. I've always thought of the first 6 ships as beginning the main European population of New Plymouth and environs, but the "Brougham" is described on 13 Feb 1841 as having "sailed on Monday last for Taranaki" (from Wellington). She has on board about sixty persons and a full cargo of houses".. and .. "With sixty persons Taranaki may be considered as colonised." (Rutherford and Skinner p xiv)
The Brougham arrived in New Plymouth on the 12th Feb, and the "William Bryan" arrived on 30th March 1841, landing passengers on the 31st.

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