Friday, 8 February 2008

Feb 6, 2008: Hurrley=Hamly; Matthias ROWE Will

I obviously got sidetracked when working on the ROWE family last year. Found that I'd not finished working thru the will of Matthias ROWE. Probably because I still cannot identify who on earth the LUKEMAN family are (Matthias' grandchildren via his dtr Mary who also married HORNBROOK), but I did find a suitable HAMLEY marriage for dtr Elizabeth, having originally interpreted the writing as HURRLEY!
ROWE charts updated, World Connect databases LornaHenderson and LornaPotential will follow shortly as there have been quite a few dates and places checked since last update, including to the American branch of the family.
Both ROWE Surname DNA project web pages (FamilyTreeDNA and World Families Network) updated, and the first Devonshire descendant recruited.

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