Friday, 18 April 2008

Rabbiting on

Lovely story from the newfound GRAHAM cousins.
Gary's great uncle Willy told him a story about his dad Walter. At Christmas the Netherby GRAHAMs would send by train two rabbits for each family. One Christmas the men were all lined up on the platform, Walter was last in line. They all received their rabbits except Walter who was told he had had more than his fair share over the year from poaching.
Also intriguing that it may well be complete happenstance that this connection has been made in that there are two versions of how come the modern Grimston acquired his name. One was that there was a long ago relation who was a stagecoach driver in the 1700s, the more recent, from the same great uncle Willy above, is that when he was born a name wasn't forthcoming, and Jane saw Grimston on a headstone in the Arthuret churchyard, liked it and used it.
I don't know if it was the headstone of Grimston GRAHAM, or that of Stephen GRIMSTON (but would like to know if either are still visible), so all in all, it may well be complete chance that the unusual name has actually put relations in contact with each other!

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