Thursday, 8 July 2010

From Meikle Pinkerton to East Barns

My post the other day re Meikle Pinkerton elicited a prompt response from one of my RUNCIMAN cousins, chiding me for not simply asking him where it was!
I've prompted teenage memories of cycling from Edinburgh to visit his Uncle Bob (RICHARDSON) at East Barns, nearby to the Pinkertons.
Which led me to checking what I knew about East Barns, and sure enough, that was also the haunt of several (apparently different) families of RUNCIMANs over time.
One set were descendants of the Meikle Pinkerton RUNCIMAN family and living at East Barns in 1871, another the RUNCIMAN family that have a heap of descendants in New Zealand and were there in 1861.
The farm is reported as having been swallowed up by a cement works these days.

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