Saturday, 19 March 2011

19th: Coincidence time

While on the phone to a descendant of the family that includes James FAIRBAIRN, the engraver of all those family crests, an email arrived in from Australia to ask me if I could help with a search for James Henry, son of a James, believed to be connected to the above engraver chap.
Yes I could, James Henry was the grandson of said engraver, and I'd stumbled across him when trawling Australian newspapers earlier this year, becoming curious as to why a chap in Australia had a son in Derbyshire.
I'd only figured out the connection to the crest chap as a result of that investigation, back in January.

The coincidences didn't end there.
The chap I was chatting too used to live in the same town as one of my FAIRBAIRN "cousins" so I asked if he had known him (Clarence Stuart). No, he didn't think so, the only other one he knew was "Mac" from the bowling club, his wife was an artist.
"We have one of her paintings here". It was a small town, and it seemed unlikely that there would be yet another FAIRBAIRN, so he went and checked the signature of the painting, sure enough, Eileen M FAIRBAIRN, so "Mac" was Clarence.

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