Sunday, 20 March 2011

20th: Ahhh Jim lad

Harry drew my attention to another article in the Scotsman, this time one claiming that Jim HAWKINS of "Kidnapped" fame was based on a real life chap married to a Margaret WIGHT of Jedburgh.
Yes, there was a Margaret HAWKINS nee WIGHT living in Bristo Place in Edinburgh, and yes she was born in Jedburgh (dtr of William WIGHT, millwright, and Janet RUSSELL, William being the son of Robert WIGHT and Janet BRACK, who married 1777 in Melrose), no immediately obvious connection to our WIGHTs.
Hubby Jim HAWKINS must have made quite a lasting impression on the people quoted, as by my calcs, and searches, Kidnapped was published 1886, and Jim doesn't appear with Margaret in any census, Edinburgh or otherwise, starting from 1841 when she is at home in Jedburgh with her sisters, and two daughters (born Kelso and Ancrum), and showing up in Edinburgh from 1851 (but not at Bristo Place yet).

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