Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Connections, connections

This HUTTON trail is proving rather fascinating.
John Mitchell HUTTON, son of Robert HUTTON and Catherine MITCHELL shows up on the 1905-6 Electoral Roll in Woodhaugh, Dunedin.
Woodhaugh is where my grandfather Archibald HENDERSON and wife Agnes Manson DAVIDSON set up home in 1908, Archie having moved down Leith Valley slightly from the farm at Helensvale.
I wonder if they actually knew each other, and knew that they were connected, albeit not actually related?
If so, it's a real pity that they didn't pass such information on to their descendants as Margaret McGREGOR nee HENDERSON's fate would have been discovered much longer ago.

The investigation into the NZ HUTTON family is proving to have some other interesting connections.
One Robert HUTTON, civil servant of Wellington, and son of John Mitchell HUTTON, married a Mary Jane Margory/Marjery GEORGESON.
As that is one of my Caithness surnames I did a bit of digging to see where they might come from.
Her father looks like he'll be a Peter GEORGESON, baker in Bluff around 1896 to 1905 (at least), and of Shetlands origin.

That side-track parked I noted that Mary's mother appeared to be a Marjery Morton LEITH, and of an age and place, to possibly be connected to one Sarah Abernethy LEITH who married Thomas JOHNSTON, a descendant of James McEWAN, brother of Margaret McEWAN who married Archibald HENDERSON.
I can spot at least one tree on ancestry who has both Sarah Abernethy and Marjery Morton LEITH in their tree (not sisters), so will dig a little further.

Further connections exist in that descendants of the above James McEWAN were also in Port Chalmers (Helen MILLAR & Arthur FOORD) around the time the HUTTONs were.

Having NZ electoral rolls on ancestry is great!
All of this is taking my mind off a dead Win XP machine - yet another batch of windows XP updates has done for it so it's having to be rebuilt - for the second time in a year.

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