Tuesday, 17 May 2011

17th: Catching up even more

I'm sure it (this catch up mode) will be temporary, but for now, my December edits to published data have been uploaded to OneGreatFamily
(see this prior post for explanation of what/how), and my WorldConnect database LornaHenderson, which holds all my dead rellies and connections BDM data, has also been updated - so the links from the connections over the last week will now show updated info.

Recovery from my PC woes is proceeding, but not without its dramas, of course.
Desktop now working, but not all programs yet re-installed, so not fully functional.


  1. I strongly recommend Acronis True Image backup software for each of your PCs.

    On my main PC the backup takes 15 mins and the Restore slightly longer.

    Almost instant Karma!


  2. Thanks Bryan, but I'm changing operating systems at the same time here, flagging Win XP given that's the second BSOD from M$oft updates in a year, and going to Win 7 - which at the moment is still hanging on me every time I try to set a screen saver requiring a password to reactivate!