Sunday, 9 October 2011


Yesterday's post re Eleanor MURRAY, marr. to the William GRAHAM who died at Firbank

(thank you David for the photo), did of course lead me to re-examining the alternatives for their grandson William GRAHAM or CARRUTHERS, born 1791 to George GRAHAM of Firbank and Easet CARRUTHERS of Stagmire (who put off marrying until 1795).
David has added a third contender into the mix briefly discussed back in these posts.
He adds his William CARRUTHERS and Hannah DUERS.

I'm still leaning towards the William GRAHAM who married Jane FERGUSON in 1816, mainly because of the predominance of Easet as a forename in the family.
In the process I have added a Sarah GRAHAM into the mix, eldest daughter of William GRAHAM and Jane FERGUSON that I ddin't have before, but whose existance does rather explain the LITTLE grandchildren with William and Jane in some of the censuses - and yes, she also has a dtr Easet.

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