Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The accuracy of family info

It should come as no surprise that family information, filtered through several sets of ears and many years, may not actually be accurate.
Latest instance popped up in one of my HENDERSON families.
I'd been told, several years ago, that "Peggy married Joe and had two children..." with Joe later being named "GOODWIN".
The statement turns out wrong on several counts but the one that prompted this entry was being found by Peggy's daughter and learning that Joe GOODWIN was actually two separate husbands, one a Joe HEANEY, the other a George GOODWIN.
So far Joe HEANEY's existence is only partially confirmed in a child's surname, and Margaret/Peggy's marriage to George, back down in Cumberland (from Biggar), but it does seem to be a step or two closer to reality.
The HENDERSON chart has been updated to reflect at least some of the additional twigs now on the tree down from Archibald, brother of my great grandfather William.
Look forward to more updates Liz, great to chat to you.

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