Sunday, 16 September 2012

3rd daughter identified

John has cracked the puzzle as to who the third surviving daughter was for James, tailor of Hamilton Bermuda and wife May MOFFAT.
He is working his way through James' 1879 will, which names the daughters, providing Naomi LEE as the missing one, presumably married to executor "son-in-law: George Andrews LEE.
Back to the Rootsweb Bermuda website and the family of Robert LEE & Mary McPHEE for more info.
Naomi's surname isn't mentioned, but it does show George Andrews LEE's first wife as Clarinda Darling FRITH, daughter of Hezekiah FRITH and Mary MATSON.
So Clarinda's brother Hezekiah FRITH married Naomi's elder sister Catherine Hadden Moffat RICHARDSON - keeping things in the family.
A quick search of Genealogy Bank newspapers adds a few snippets as to Naomi's life in New York, whence she had emigrated by 1875ish.  A custody battle for her McDONALD grandchildren, orphaned by the death of their mother (Ada Julia Alicia McDONALD nee LEE) in 1894 makes several column inches in several papers.
My Richardson page has been updated as the charts should now include one or two other twigs, both from the above, and from assorted digging around trying to find living descendants from the families listed, and that of James & Margaret (MABON) RICHARDSON in particular.

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