Wednesday, 3 October 2012

World view

Recently begun investigations on how better to display some of my genealogy data, eg an analysis by census years for my RUNCIMAN one name study by population concentrations, reminded me that several years ago I'd purchased Map My Family Tree.
With the disk eventually found it looked like it might be rather an out of date program given it mentioned that it the version of TMG that it could read directly was 6 (8.04 is the current version), and certainly had never been loaded under my current system, Win7 (64bit).
It loaded just fine. So nothing ventured, nothing gained it was pointed to my current database and set running.
The place file structure in TMG must still be as they were several years ago as it worked.
Was there an update available?
Check for updates kept telling me to connect to the internet, which I already was.
All was not lost however as the program' website FAQs acknowledged that there was a problem and provided the update file as a download.
Here's the end result from my entire database - certainly shows my areas of interest.

Great for finding errors in your place locations, but not altogether what I'm looking for as yet, however interesting in its own right.
GenMap next to be investigated, as some interesting example sites show exactly what I'm looking for - pity it seems to only be for the UK. Although it does appear to be a program launched back in 2002,  at least the webpage mentions Win7.

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