Saturday, 20 November 2010

19th: Web updates/ interesting sites

Must be surfacing from the non genie stuff that has been swamping me most of this year.
Think I've brought most of my web pages up to date, fixing several broken links etc (but probably not all).

Have rationalised the FAIRBAIRN and RUNCIMAN project diaries into one each per surname instead of one each for their respective DNA and One Name Study projects - see FairbairnsAll and RuncimansAll for the current versions - all history has been migrated, but the older DNA and One Name Study blogs remain in place given there may be links to existing posts.

Harry has provided a couple of interesting web sites:
The War Graves Photographic Project
Addressing History, this latter being particularly interesting if your people of interest are likely to have made it into a Directory in Edinburgh.
As their blurb states, it "combines data from digitised historical Scottish Post Office Directories (PODs) with contemporaneous historical maps"

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