Saturday, 27 November 2010

Ipplepen updates

The DAW(E) twigs will eventually be updated on both the main DAW(E) descendant chart, and my basic all BDM database LornaHenderson on WorldConnect, thanks to Arthur from Ipplepen who found the latter and realised I was connected to a family member whose funeral he had just attended.
I quickly forwarded the email to a much closer relation, just in case she didn't know, and found that a) her email address was no longer valid, and b) (once contact had been restored courtesy of skype) that she had been at the same funeral and was way ahead of me with the news.
As a result of looking at the family concerned, there are of course other updates that will follow in due course as more i-s get dotted and t-s crossed, and Val is back in contact.

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