Wednesday, 3 November 2010

3rd: Coincidence time again

Last week - investigating a Greenlaw Headstone featuring Isabella FAIRBAIRN as second wife of a George SUTHERLAND, merchant of Greenlaw - finding that her parents were a Robert FAIRBAIRN and Janet AINSLIE.
Nothing much else available to be readily found on Robert and Janet.
Today - using the introductory 24 hour free access offer to, finding a Robert FAIRBAIRN, resident magistrate in Freemantle, Western Australia, son of a John FAIRBAIRN of Berwickshire, who emigrated in 1839 as part of the Australind Colonisation Company who settled, or it seems, tried to settle, Bunbury, Western Australia. John and family moved from there to the Murray, and thence, with 2 of their sons and 3 daughters, on to New South Wales, where I eventually found his death notice - died 1872 in his 72nd year, youngest son of a Robert FAIRBAIRN, Esq. of East Gordon, Berwickshire.
The daughter left behind in Western Australia just happened to be a Jane Ainslie FAIRBAIRN, and the only other fact I'd gleaned last week was that Robert and Janet (AINSLIE) had a son John baptised in Gordon in 1800.
Youngest son does rather imply that there are more to be found somewhere, and I've not identified the sons that went to NSW with the family as yet, nor confirmed that an Agnes FAIRBAIRN I found married to a John CRIGHTON is one of the daughters who went to Sydney (I can find his death, their son Philip's birth, and marriage (to Florence THYNNE), and some information on Philip and Florence's son John Fairbairn CRIGHTON, but there my search ended - can anyone place Agnes in the FAIRBAIRN families?).

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