Thursday, 11 August 2011

11th: Someone is wrong on the internet...

While doing some FAIRBAIRN research I noted that someone had kindly uploaded the death cert. for James JARDINE to their ancestry tree.
Another tree had claimed his wife Mary FAIRBAIRN in rather fanciful fashion (hence the title of this post - I am often pointed at this xkcd cartoon "Duty calls" when I comment on yet another tree that has children born before their parents, marriages at age 5 etc etc etc.
So some updates ensued in my tree for the JARDINE/FAIRBAIRN family of Hawick, the 1911 census making me realise how come I'd not found all of the children in other census data - 12 children, but only 3 living by that time, which also added 3 unknown and presumably shortlived members to the family.

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