Sunday, 28 August 2011

28th: Cleugh Burnfoot

My main Family Tree web pages have been updated - only 4 months since the last update!
I think that all of the descendant charts are now in the new interactive format, ie lines able to be opened/closed in order to get a better picture of where someone "fits".

Took the opportunity to include the before/after images of Cleugh Burnfoot, home to James & Amelia (MILLAR) HENDERSON and family from at least 1841 to 1847.
These come courtesy of cousin Bill (for which many thanks) who visited Scotland recently and obediently went to Forth and knocked on the door of the only house along the B7016 that could be the place I saw back in 1994/5. Good to be proven right, and also many thanks to the current owners for welcoming Bill & Cheryl into their home and supplying the "before" photos.
What a marvellous transformation.
These can be found in the Places link - scroll down to SCT > Forth and click on the little information icon (the individual place pages can be renumbered when I rebuild the web site, so I'm only including the overall link here).

Also took the opportunity to include a page for David FAIRBAIRN of Hawkesbury in order to share the wonderful photo Gordon sent me some time ago.
My FAIRBAIRN surname page has also been updated and now includes a few more skeleton descendant charts for the lines now showing as a "match" thanks to the participants in the DNA project.

Several broken links have also been fixed.

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