Saturday, 25 August 2007

Aug 24, 2007: DALGLIESHs et al

Ran out of ideas and sources to reach any conclusions about the assorted Betsy/Eliza/Elizabeth DALGLIESH or ELLIOTs, so decided to write up investigations to date and pop them on the web. Someone, somewhere might have the answers.

Mary's DALGLIESH family (of Bigholms, Par. of Langholm, Dumfries) appear to be well documented, and it looks like rellies ended up in both America and New Zealand, but too far away in relationship to James THOMSON to be of great interest to me, so I'm refusing to get sidetracked (that must be a first).

James THOMSON is now written up, as are the associated Elizabeth and Eliza's, and his Mum, Cecilia THOMSON nee SINTON, along with a revised SINTON chart.

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