Tuesday, 14 August 2007

July 7th & 8th, 2007

7th & 8th: Added Catherine RICHARDSON or PEACOCK & the 1853/4 James RICHARDSON to the web pages. The other "recent changes" for the 30th Jun thru 8th July are figments of your imagination, merely me fiddling in the background, although Andrew RICHARDSON has had some additional information added.
The RUNCIMAN chart has had quite a few additions as I was getting tired of not being able to find living descendants of this newfound RICHARDSON branch here in NZ, but could spot the son of Frances Rita LEGEAR in the States. So I used Skype and rang him, leaving a message and email address on his answerphone. Bingo. A prompt reply tells me he isn't interested in family history, but "some relation of my mothers", Grace in Haitaitai may be able to help me. Which she has, wonderfully. Including putting me in touch with a WOONTON descendant in Australia. Between us we've sorted out the family of James RICHARDSON and Elizabeth McCULLOCH, and reconciled the contradictions between the deaths of the infants in Australia and the fact that they were mentioned in their Aunt Catherine's will some 25 years later (quite easy really, later namesakes, all 3 born in NZ, James, Catherine and Thomas, plus I now had enough information to identify the missing Margaret and William as well, not that I know what happened to William as yet - love to hear from any descendents of William McCullough RICHARDSON).

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